Little Concepts: ABC Animals
Little Concepts: ABC Animals
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Little Concepts: ABC Animals

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Young readers and their families will love the 26 cool and unusual animals—from alpacas to zonkeys—colorfully presented in ABC Animals. 

Meet some of the world’s most unusual animals with this fun approach to learning the alphabet. In this new title from Walter Foster Jr., ABC Animalscombines learning the alphabet with discovering new animals from around the world in a board book young children and parents will love.
Multi-talented illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius artfully pairs the letters of the alphabet with bold animal illustrations that will hold the attention of even the littlest children. ABC Animals goes beyond typical animals like bears, cats, and dogs. Here, young children will learn about 26 curious and extraordinary animals, from alpacas to chinchillas, emus to meerkats, and ibis to wombats.

This board book is the perfect way for children and parents to practice the alphabet, and some unique zoology, together.